About Me

Karina Dobra was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus.  With a strong command of 5 languages and admiration of the world, Karina has traveled to 80 different countries and lived in 5. This travel has allowed her to explore a vast majority of cultures, open her mind to new and exciting ways of thinking, and photograph exotic places around the globe. One of the most rewarding of these experiences was a wonderful opportunity to travel to Antarctica with the National Geographic team in 2015.

Karina’s photography touches upon social and environmental issues ranging from consumerism and addictions to pollution and overconsumption. Her work combines conceptual and fashion photography and  an awareness of larger global issues. Her images invoke emotions that connect the viewer to nature while simultaneously pushing us to challenge the status-quo.

Having numerous works published professionally, she seeks to continue to expand her reach through both education and inquisitive projects. Karina currently holds a BA in Intercultural Relations from Minsk State Linguistic University in Minsk, Belarus, and BFA from New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.